ECON 113 American Economic History - Spring 2015

Page for DIS 103 and DIS 104, GSI: Dmitri Koustas
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Section Time

DIS 104 M 11AM-12PM, Room: 4 EVANS
DIS 103 M 12PM-1PM, Room: 285 CORY

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Office Hours

Wed 10:00-11:00AM, Room: 636 EVANS
Thu 4:30-5:30PM, Room: 636 EVANS

or by appointment

So that I can keep track of who is coming, please sign-up for 10 minute office hour slots (if a group has a question, feel free to sign up as a group). Students that sign-up will have first priority. Please don’t sign up for OHs more than 1 week in advance.

Office Hours Sign-up Sheet


Office Hours Survey (Closed)

Have a course-material-related question?

Piazza should be the preferred method of course-material-related questions, in lieu of emails. Everyone – the instructors and students – can answer the question or add their own follow-up question. The instructors can give a ‘thumbs up’ to good student answers. Others with the same question can see the conversation and chime in. At the end of the term, students whose questions or answers receive the largest number of “good” votes from classmates and instructors will receive extra credit.
Access code: econ113sp15

Email me if you have any problems using Piazza.

Section Notes and Pre-Section Exercises

Week Pre-Section Exercise Section Notes Suggested Solutions
1 PSE #1 Notes #1
2 PSE #2 Notes #2 Stata Files | Solutions #2
3 PSE #3 Notes #3
4 PSE #4 Notes #4 My Excel file
5 PSE #5 Notes #5 Pics of blackboard | Writeup from all sections
6 PSE #6 Notes #6 Stata files
7 PSE #7 Notes #7
8 PSE #8 Regression Cover Sheet | Main Notes | Plagiarism Source | Plagiarism Example Suggested Solutions
9 PSE #9 Notes #9 Suggested Solutions
10 None None
11 PSE #11 Notes #11 Suggested Solutions
12 N/A N/A

Useful Links

FRED - the best database for economic time-series